April 28th Fundraiser for PACE Society!

It’s time for the biannual art show put on to benefit PACE Society! The next event will be on April 28th, 2013 at One Thousand Rivers.
Door is by donation and beverages will be for sale. PACE will receive 100% of door donations and drink sales, and 20% to 100% of sales of works contributed by the participating artists.

See the original works of:

Carsen Farmer
Danielle Bobier
Ryan Jarman-Furber
Philip C. Breakenridge
Stephanie Vandenberg
Will Martin

Facebook Event:

54 E. 4th Ave, Vancouver BC. April 28th at 6pm!



‎”It’s better to endure suffering or abstention than to be in a position where you’ll have to compromise yourself or your values.”

We each have a point in our lives where we sit on the hot seat. Some more than others. We sit there and kick ourselves. “How did I get myself here? How could I have done this?”. We beat ourselves up, and often long after the issue has been dealt with and everyone else has forgotten about it. But beating ourselves up isn’t helpful. There’s no healing in self shame. The shaming fosters low self esteem. Negative self talk is not a productive tool, and definitely doesn’t lead us to the solution(s) we may be seeking.

But what about that period before the hot seat? Before an action is carried out, or a decision to is even made. That period where weighing pros and cons is a very good idea. When listening to instincts can be dangerous. When logic is what needs to guide us, how do we follow that and set aside the visceral response that drives us to want to do something that we may regret down the road? There are consequences to every action. A consequence doesn’t necessarily mean a bad outcome, but the word itself has taken on that connotation. Things we can control….A consequence of speeding is often a fine. A consequence of studying well is a good grade.

There are things also out of our control….A consequence of flatulence is an unpleasant odour. A consequence of seeing light in the morning, is the neurohormones activate the physiological response in the body that cause it to become alert. You wake up. You would have the same reaction by receiving Light Therapy, which is often used with people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

But I’m not talking about disorders, I’m talking about actions that we’re in control of. When we’re driven to do something. A conscious choice. When we take the risk and lean in for a first kiss with a date. When a sober alcoholic decides to take a drink for the first time in 10 years, knowing they quite drinking for a reason. When we fire off a heated email without first cooling down and proofreading. When we have the opportunity to go work at a dream job, and drop out of post secondary to do it. These are conscious choices we make, and we are driven to make those choices. We could choose not to, and as noted in two of the examples, it is wise to step back and really assess what we’re about to do, and how our actions will affect both ourselves and others. And sometimes, the risk is just worth it, because if it works out, the outcome would be absolutely wonderful!

When you are thinking of doing something, think about the future. Play the tape forward. Is it a good idea to do this? Will it hurt me and/or other people? Will it help me and/or other people? Will I be going against my values, or will I be authentic to my own being, and do what I know is the right thing?

It really is our choice.

Thanks for reading!


‘Movement In Stillness’ Photography Exhibit Opening November 24th

This is an invitation to you out to come see the photographic works of Ryan Jarman-Furber from the Movement In Stillness series, as well as to see the work of guest artists:

Danielle Bobier
Micael Skold
Serenity Hoops & New Whirled Designs


PACE Society http://www.pace-society.org/

PACE is a sex worker led and driven organization offering low-barrier programming, support and advocacy for survival sex workers in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Health Initiative for Men http://checkhimout.ca/

HiM is a community-based organization dedicated to strengthening the health and well-being of gay men. Their approach includes physical, sexual, social and mental health.

Also available: Ryan’s new CD ‘Autumn Sunrise’.

*PACE Society & HiM to each receive 20% of door, refreshment, headliner art & CD sales.

**Door by donation.

Facebook RSVP page here: http://www.facebook.com/events/435731613150500/


Ryan’s Crockpot Experiment #1: Autumn Harvest Soup

It’s 11am, it’s a rainy autumn day and you wanna break out the crockpot. And you will. First, call a few of your closest friends. Tell them to be at your place for 7pm.


1 large butternut squash
1 large apple – preferably macintosh or golden delicious.
1 cup of corn, freshly shaved off the cob
4 large carrots
1 TBSP Ginger
1 TBSP Cinnamon
1 TBSP Nutmeg
Fresh ground pepper – use to your discretion

Dice up the squash, apple, carrots and throw in a crockpot. Add corn.

Cover with water.

Cook for 7hrs

During that 7 hours:

Buy ice cream and stuff to make fruit salad. – 2 apples, 2 oranges, 4 kiwi, blueberries.

at the 6 hour mark:

Make bread.

At 7 hours turn heat off on crockpot, add ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper and stir. Allow to sit, stirring every 10 minutes.

Take bread out of oven. Serve with a dish of butter. Tell your friends who are just arriving that the soup is just about ready. Scoop it into their dishes and watch them race back for more!

Fill their tummys with icecream and fruit. And tea.


An Evening Gallery At One Thousand Rivers: Transitions & Inspirations

I’d like to invite you all to come out to my very first photography/art show. Come and enjoy an evening of art in a few mediums, some music and light refreshments in the warm, welcoming atmosphere that is One Thousand Rivers. Whether you’d like to mingle and chat up a storm, take in the art on your own and be a wallflower, this evening will be one you’ll enjoy. One of my philosophies in life is that there is room for everyone, and we can find solitude and peace anywhere we are, because it is found within. My hope for each of you is that you’ll find a place of relaxation, inspiration and connection.

Works can be purchased, with 20% to be donated to PACE Society, plus a 50/50 draw will be held to benefit PACE and a short screening of the new PACE Society PSA video that’s been produced by Dream Nest Productions.

There will also be special guests Richard Dolmat Photography/Dream Nest Productions and T-Bodies Productions each displaying some of their beautiful and diverse works.

Cover – by donation, no one turned away.


One Thousand Rivers Academy of Arts & Learning
54 E. 4th ave
Vancouver BC

You can RSVP to the event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/298813523543727/


Hollow-Gram Radio Show on BBS Tonight!

Hey folks! Tune in at 7pm PST to listen to the Hollow-Gram Radio Show! The subject tonight is ‘The Value of Volunteering’. I have the honour of guesting tonight. Listen and call in!



iTunes….New Tunes Up!


Hollow-Gram BBS Radio Show TONIGHT!

Listen in to my very good friends Ash Riot and Cheryl Catherine Smith, from the band Hollow-Gram on their LIVE Radio Show. Tonights topic is “Our Greatest Inspirations”. An amazing topic….I just love these women! So much talent and the message they carry is so powerful and full of love.


Tune in at 7 pm PST. I promise you’ll love it!!



Finding Your Voice

I grew up singing. It had always been a part of my life. When I turned 24, I had to undergo a medical process that involved me taking a medication that seemed to take that away from me. Being someone who loves music, I was determined to find my voice again. I spent years breathing, pushing myself, trying different ranges, vocal lessons….but nothing was really getting me there. For a good four years, Richard kept telling me “You CAN!” but in my mind I had it set…”I can’t”.

You can take as many lessons as you want, you can use autotune and melodyne to excessive amounts, you can harmonize with yourself in layers, upon layers, upon layers. But until you find self confidence and inspiration, you will never hit those notes that you’re supposed to be hitting.

Back in June of 2011, I had a life changing surgery. 6 weeks after the surgery, I decided to go see Richard again at Digital Sound Magic Studios. I walked in and it’s like the first time I’d seen the studio. Just like the first time in 2007. But my energy was different. My self confidence had risen. We got the music down and the next day I came back to do vocals. I sang with so much more depth and heart than I ever had before. It only took a couple of takes. That had never, ever happened before. The song I wrote was for the surgeon who performed my surgery. The cool part was, before he became a surgeon, he too was a musician (he still is involved with the industry, but on a smaller scale). His band hit the bigtime in the 80s and 90s. His band was also one of my faves growing up, so I had a lot to go on with inspiration. He heard the song and he loved it. It boosted me and whenever I start doubting myself, I pull up the email he sent me telling me how he ‘loved the song’, that’s it’s a ‘great song’ and to ‘keep up the beautiful work’.

Since then, it’s only been a few takes until I ‘get it’. ‘Getting it’ simply means holding your own personal character. Don’t worry about trying to be on tune, you’ll just stress yourself out. While JUNO awards are amazing, they are no match for self confidence. You’ll never get that award if you don’t believe in yourself and your work. Just get into that booth, hold the biggest inspiration in your heart and sing your truth. No matter what the subject is, your fans want to be convinced that you know what you’re singing about. That you feel it.

A standard I’ve set for myself is that every song I bring to the studio to record should have at least a couple of lines that sends chills down my own spine or shakes my core somehow, and the whole song has to really flow naturally. That feeling means I’ve spoken my truth.

Now, when Richard says ‘You CAN!’, I believe it, and I do it. Rich has an excellent ear and is incredibly intuitive. In my experience, he has never been wrong. He pushes me to do things I may not even realize I can do. And then I do them.

Remember, it’s not about being the worlds greatest, it’s about being the best YOU can be. So think of your favourite artist that’s local to you….if you’re serious about music, there is a good chance they’ll hear your stuff. Hold on to that and give it your best. What’s meant to be will fall into place if you let it!


The Sounds Of Silence

You just don’t see songwriters and performers like these guys very often anymore. This is one of my favourite songs of all time. Not sure what it is about this particular performance…perhaps the rawness, the energy, the crowd or the fact that it’s 1am but…I actually teared up.

I think everyone can identify with songs like these. I have to say 0:15-0:21 Paul looked like he was thinking “Fuck…I smoked a bit too much before the show….”


Ramblings Of A Thriver

It pays to be completely honest. The shame can dissipate when someone is honest. The truth comes out. The healing can continue, or begin.

Opening up can lighten up the load. To say “Hey, this is what I’m experiencing.” to the right person, can help a person feel in the company of those who understand.

I know how fortunate I am to have all of what I do. I might have only a few things, but I have everything I need in order to be happy. I’ve chosen carefully.

And I’ve chosen to trust, this time. I chose to open up. To be vulnerable, but with strength. To draw a boundary, and to make sure that my own boundaries would be respected, even when deep ceded issues tell me I have no right to have them.

Today I really learned that there are things that I went through that never should have happened, and I think I’ve begun to believe it wasn’t my fault. And I learned that not everyone will do that. I learned I CAN leave it to someone else to respect boundaries. Other people can be, and are safe. Something I didn’t get much of growing up. But I think that’s being implemented. It’s ok to feel close to someone. In fact, I never have to do anything that compromises me and jeopardizes my health in order to be liked.

Plain and simple, if people didn’t like me, they wouldn’t be around me. It might take my emotional side to catch up to that, but logically, it’s very, very true. It’s a start.

And hey, there’s a saying to follow “If you ever feel worthless, remember you were once the fastest sperm”.

It’s true, rely on yourself to make yourself feel worthy! And only let those in who will see the diamond value in themselves and you.


Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

Tonight I sent this text out to a bunch of friends: “I got a new phone and lost your number. Can you send it to me please?” and a number of them actually responded…with their numbers lol Some ‘got it’ though hehe

This is my care cup \_/ Look. It’s empty.

My alarm clock is a dream killer.

I’m not fat, my stomach is 3D.

I’m athletic. I surf…the internet.






Chocolate Soybutter No Bake Cookies

Made no bake soybutter chocolate drop cookies tonight.

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup soybutter (instead of peanut butter)
1/2 cup pure cocoa powder
2 cups sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup raisins
3 cups oats

On stove in a large pot, heat, melt/mix butter, soybutter, sugar, cocoa, vanilla, milk. Once well mixed, turn off heat and add oats and raisins.

Take 2 or 3 baking sheets and put wax paper on them. Drop tablespoonish-sized drops on the wax paper, put in fridge, keep in fridge. Should be 4 dozen small cookies, or 3 dozen large-ish ones. And don’t forget to share ‘em with your friends, family, co-workers, band members, landlords, therapists….whoever might appreciate ;) because let’s face it….everyone loves home baked goods!

They should look something like this:



Hollow-Gram Radio Show

My good friends Ash Riot and Cheryl Catherine Smith are hosting their show tonight! Hollow-Gram Radio Show TONIGHT! The subject is ‘Change’. Call in! 7pm-8pm PST.


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